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About Us

I started Germaine Beauty out of a desire to bring only the best skin care products and treatments available on the market to my customers. I always wanted to open my own skin care shop, but realized that in order to open a shop, I would have to carry and sell many various brands and products, and I didn't want to sell so many things that I didn't necessarily know or trust very well. I liked the idea of an online shop better because I could offer a more refined, limited selection of products that I knew will have only the finest quality and that I had personally experienced and reviewed before.

Germaine Beauty is like an online catalog of only the finest skin care products, that conveniently delivers right to your door! All our products have been specially selected and reviewed to make sure that they deliver the best quality, feel, and most importantly that they work.

More recently, I've been able to expand my brand by offering custom formulated and branded skin care products under the Germaine Exclusive label, perhaps the achievement I am the most proud of. Germaine Exclusive products are made with only the finest ingredients and produced and packaged here in Southern California.

Please explore our selection of products and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We always look forward to recommendations for new products or how we can improve our site.

Thank you for shopping at Germaine Beauty!

Nicole Rich, Founder